Madame Magar

small-batch label exploring fashion, art, performance & history

Madame Magar Vision

A small-batch label that explores fashion, art, performance, and history. The "seed to stitch" project is inspired by Eliza Lucas Pinckney who brought indigo to this region and made it a cash crop in the mid-1700s. The project interweaves design and nature by planting a studio dye garden, growing indigo and other dye plants to use in the one of a kind collections. The work includes hand-dyed and hand-stitched garments and goods, textile art exhibits, installations (makeshift studios and shops), performances, and workshops (dyeing from dye garden and wild plants). Madame Magar is inspired by traditional and simple sewing techniques such as quilt making and hand sewn textiles while interlaced with contemporary, outside the box, elements.