Madame Magar

small-batch label exploring fashion, art, performance & history

Madame Magar Makeshift Studios/Shops are pop-up installations setting up shop in unusual & unused venues, storefront windows, abandoned buildings, shops, old barns, galleries and museums.

South Carolina flag quilt

SC Makers Exhibit at the SC State Museum: SC State Flag

Madame Magar's Makeshift Studio: work in progress exhibit/installation

April 2015-February 2016

As the SC state flag color is indigo and the state color is indigo, for the SC makers exhibit I hand stitched the SC State flag out of indigo dyed dress fabric scrap; in the SC state Museum gallery.

























The Pinckney Project at the Charleston Museum

Eliza Lucas Pinckney Silhouette

Madame Magar's Makeshift Studio at the Charleston Museum

June 12-June 22, 2015

A portrait of Eliza Lucas Pinckney who as a young girl brought indigo to this region of South Carolina and made it a huge cash crop. Since there is no known portrait of Eliza (it was stolen or lost in a fire), I hand stitched her silhouette with hand dyed indigo dress scrap in the Charleston Museum. A collaboration exhibit/installation as part of the Pinckney project to raise awareness and money for the restoration of Eliza's gown.










































The Upstairs Gallery: The Mood Indigo Collection

Nina Simone Silhouette: exhibit/installation

January 31-March 13, 2015

Created for a Nina Simone themed group exhibit in her birthplace town--Tryon, NC. I stitched a Nina portrait with hand dyed indigo dress scrap fabric, from a collection of small batch dresses sewn for the Nina collection. Paying homage to the high priestess of soul by incorporating a shrine for her in the gallery.









Artfields: The Pee Dee Collection

Kingstree, SC, installation/exhibit

April- May 2015

A month long installation/window display in a storefront shop window. Hand stitching a Darla Moore silhoutte/potrait quilt out of tobacco and indigo dyed fabric. (Kingstree, SC--a tobacco farm town) Dancing in the window every time the store soundtrack played Nina Simone.
























The Preservation Society Storefront Windows: The Sea Island Blue Collection

Madame Magar's Makeshift Studio/Shop

Artist in Residence: The Sea Island Blue Collection

October 2014

A month long installation/exhibit (window display) where I created a makeshift studio/shop in a King street Storefront window. Indigo dyeing home goods in one window. In the other window, creating a Gullah "rag quilt" coat out of indigo dyed scrap fabric. Closing with a window dance performance dressed in the "rag quilt" coat.







701 CCA: Center for Contemporary Art

Artist in Residence

Madame Magar's Workshop: The Mill Collection

February-May 2014

A exhibit/installation located in a former cotton mill building; stitching frocks inspired be the photos of Lewis W. Hine. Dyeing with the nearby Congaree River water and using train track scrap to create rust patterned garments. Closing with a train film and soundtrack dance performance.